Adjust tab height in Firefox 29+

When updating to Firefox 29 I directly wanted to go back to the old design. I didn't like the new round corners etc.
Furthermore I am using Tab Mix Plus to scroll through tabs with mousewheel and to have more than one tab line. Otherwise I cannot get around with 50 and more tabs. For this I have the tabs below my fav-bar. And it looked bad with Australis.

To switch back to the old look I installed Classic Theme Restorer and made some changes:

  • Squared tabs (classic) (v2)
  • Tabs not on top - set [tabsontop=false]

But with this setting the tab bar lines are very high. To get this fixed again I had to create a new file in FirefoxProfileFolder\chrome\ named userChrome.css with this content:

@namespace url(;
.tabbrowser-tabs *|tab {
	height: 25px !important;